Bright And Fit: How to Stay on Track When Dining Out

Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Stay on Track When Dining Out

Hi friends!

Today I want to talk about staying on track when dining out.

I know that, for most of us, dining out with friends and family is a regular occurrence. Now, would it make our lives (and our weight loss!) easier if we always had total control over our food? Yes. But would we miss out on a lot? YES! If this is going to be a sustainable lifestyle change, we have to be able to work all aspects of our lives into the changes. Hopefully these tips will help!

stay on track dining out

1. Skip the Bread Basket

     Whether it is bread (hello, Cheddar Bay Biscuits! I see you!), or chips and salsa, it is a good idea to skip it. Let's face one is handing you a veggie tray when you sit down! Not only are you wasting precious yellows, but you are filling up on junk before what could be a perfectly healthy meal. I've found that in most cases, people don't mind skipping it. If your friends or family NEED those chips and dip, stick them down at the end of the table, or at least out of arms reach! If you NEED some chips and dip (which, let's be real, sometimes you do) put a reasonable portion on an appetizer plate and then call it good when you are done!

2. Start with a Salad

     This is always one of my first tips for eating out at a restaurant. 99.5% of restaurants offer side salads as an option. Get on of those before your meal and you will fill up on greens before your meal even arrives. Not only will it help you with your portion control, but it gets another green in! Win! This is also a great option when you are with a group getting appetizers. It is SO hard to be the only one at the table not eating, so this will give you a healthy option instead of whatever fried nonsense everyone else is eating!

3. Box it Up

     Most restaurant portions are out of control. They are EASILY 2, if not 3 or 4, portions of whatever you ordered. Before you even start eating, put half of your meal in a to-go box. This gets the extra portions out of sight, and means you have goodies to look forward to later!

Every. Single. Time.

4. Look for the Healthy Options Menu

     Most restaurants have one of these nowadays. I will share some of my favorites another day, but what this tip really comes down to is being prepared. Check restaurant menus before you get there, and know what your best options are. This will help a TON when it comes time to order.

This list of survival guides from Hungry Girl is one of my favorite tools for finding the best options.


     I cannot stress this enough. Nothing makes a lifestyle change LESS sustainable than feeling like you are constantly depriving yourself. This doesn't mean go out and get a monster burger and dessert every time you go out to eat, but remind yourself that you are in control of your health, and your food, and then have fun. You all have big goals, and you are going to feel better about yourself when you do what it takes to get there! Make the healthiest choice you can, enjoy every minute of it, and then move forward with your day!

Which one of these tips would be the most helpful to you?

Shine bright today!

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