Bright And Fit: 12 Days of Fitmas: Day 9

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12 Days of Fitmas: Day 9


We are moving right along to Day 9! Did you enjoy yesterday's workout? I love when I find something that works for everyone! I'm a firm believer that fitness is for all, and you don't need to meet some standard to access it. I hope yesterday felt approachable!

Now...on to today!

Yesterday was all about comfort food. Today I have the ultimate winter comfort cocoa! 
Everyone loves a good cup of hot cocoa, but it can be a serious sugar bomb if you aren't careful! These will all give you that delicious, creamy hot cocoa you want without throwing you off the rails!

And now...the workout! Yesterday was a beginners workout. This one is a bit more intense, but I don't want it to scare you away! Just dive in and try your best! Even if all you can do is one of each move, you tried something new and that is a win! I have found some of my very favorite workouts by trying something I didn't think I could do!


Shine bright today! 

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