Bright And Fit: 21 Day Fix: My Paleo Costco List

Sunday, November 22, 2015

21 Day Fix: My Paleo Costco List

Hello friends!

Learning a new way of eating can be tricky, am I right? Wait...what can I eat? Does that count? What color is that?

When I first started 21 Day Fix I followed a traditional style of eating. I stuck with the color lists, and ate just about everything on them. About a year into my journey I decided to give Paleo a try and FELL IN LOVE! This is my favorite way to eat. I don't always follow it, but I feel so much better when I do! 
Today I want to share my Costco shopping list with you. Costco can get a bad rap for being the home of giant portions of processed food, but it is one of my favorite places to shop!

1. Produce

 Costco is my very favorite place to buy produce. I can always count on the quality, and the selection is great. My kids go through a TON of fruit, so this helps me not have to run to the store multiple times a week. The only produce I don't buy here is things that we are only going to use once or twice a week (broccoli, asparagus, "dinner" veggies) and salad mix. I find that we end up not going through it fast enough and throwing it out more often than not. 

2. Rotisserie Chicken

Seriously. This is a staple in our house, and Costco's are the best! If we are out, I send my husband to grab another one. Sometimes it's dinner, other times I throw it on a salad. I may or may not even just pick it apart and eat it as a snack. Don't judge me. No, this chicken isn't pastured like "truly" paleo meat should be. More on that in a second...

3. Organic Ground Beef

Ok, like I was saying..."truly" paleo meat should be grassfed/pastured. I understand that, I just can't afford it right now. We are making small steps toward higher quality meat, and this is one of them! All of my ground beef is this organic kind now. It is a better choice than conventional, and still fits in our budget. I call it a win!

4. Bacon

OK...this is where things get kind of tricky. Officially, bacon on 21 Day Fix should be turkey bacon. That is way too processed to be considered truly paleo. What is a girl to do? The way I see it, you have two options. If you want to stick to the 21 Day Fix list, this uncured turkey bacon is a great option. It is nitrate/nitrite free, and much better for you. If you want to stick to a more paleo option, Costco also has some delicious uncured pork bacon. I buy that and have two slices instead of the 4 slices that turkey bacon would allow me. It's also a maybe once a week thing. I'm calling it good.

5. Non-dairy milk

At least in my area, Costco has the best prices on dairy-free milk alternatives. I love
vanilla almond milk in my superfood shake every day, and my daughter drinks their rice milk (although our store has been out for a while sad!)

So, that's it! My paleo staples from Costco! I hope it helps!

Are you a bulk shopper?
What are your Costco must-haves?

Be bright. Be fit.


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  2. I'm about to start doing a paleo 21df for both my hubby and myself. I don't consider myself 100% paleo, but more of primal. We still eat dairy, so I like to buy Kerrygold butter and organic eggs from Costco. I also love the prepackaged cooked beets and bags of broccoli. The broccoli is easy to steam on the stove and I serve it with butter and Redmond's Real Salt. Costco also carries whole organic chickens, which I roast and serve one night, then pick the meat for another night and make bone broth for chicken and rice soup for yet another night. Thanks for the tips!


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